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  • Musikstry Note The Final EnterLV
    Stop your freaking out. The blog article will continue, we are just changing things up a little, like the title. You all have stumbled back this week to the best in Las Vegas Christian Music: Enter Productions Las Vegas. This week we look at the past, present, and future of EnterLV. In an effort to give you all the [...]
  • Musikstry Note 9 Switchfoot
    Welcome back to the best Christian music blog on the web! This week I was asked to do an article on Switchfoot since they are coming to Las Vegas for a concert in a few short weeks. My very first instinct, was a resounding no! After all, I already planned an article and Switchfoot was [...]

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Petra Productions is the premier promoter in Las Vegas for everything Christian Music! Promoting the word of God through music in all genres from classic gospel to contemporary christian music. Country, classic Rap, Hip-Hop, Grammy Award winners and up and coming Christian Music artists. Check our upcoming concerts for the latest events happening here in the Las Vegas Valley.

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Have a special request for a band you would like to see in the Las Vegas Valley? Contact us at Petra-Productions. If you are a Christian group, band or artist looking for a venue in the Las Vegas Metro region to share your message, let us know! We are more than happy to help promote your Christian event.

Reset Movement

The RESET Movement is awakening America! All the way from east to west it is revitalizing hearts to our great and powerful God! Clear your calendars because this powerful, groundbreaking movement is coming to the very heart of our beloved city, Las Vegas!

The RESET Movement aims to unite the nation and reignite the spiritual fire for Jesus in all of us. This just may be the Great Awakening of our generation and attending this event may be one of the best decisions of your life. This will aid in rising up many soldiers for Christ and mobilizing them to do the will of good. This will reshape and reform America! There will be several different artists performing at this event. All are very anointed and talented. The headliner, Rend Collective, is all the way from the region of Northern Ireland and they have a deep passion to serve and worship God. Rend Collectives songs like "Build Your Kingdom Here" and "Come On (My Soul)" really brings people together and form an environment of worship. They have a very melodic and revolutionary sound, with some folk and Irish elements, they are delightful to listen to no matter what genre you prefer.

This will be an amazing event for youth and adults. It is said to be the largest Jesus gathering in American history. You wont want to miss this. This event will have great music, inspiring speakers, an uplifting message, and will be lots of fun! Come be a part of this revolution! It is open to anyone, no restrictions just come as you are!

The reset movement continues, for more Info: Reset Movement

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