Audio Adrenaline

Petra-Productions in conjunction with Valley Bible Fellowship brings the Grammy winning Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline to the valley on December 1st, 2012. Featring lead vocalist Kevin Max, who recently took up the place of former lead vocalist Max Stuart (who left the band due to spasmodic dysphonia, a muscle disorder affecting his larnyx). Although no longer able to sing, Max Stuart continues his mission with the Hands and Feet project and stays involved in the band as as a songwriter and producer.

To benefit the children of Haiti, this December 1st concert features Stephanie Smith and Michael Leyde of ICLV. Hosted by Illusionist Brock Gill, the Audio Adrenlaine concert includes storytelling and worship. Audio Adrenaline members: Will McGinniss - vocals, bass guitar, Kevin Max - lead vocals (former member of DC Talk), Dave Ghazarian - guitar, Jared Byers - drums, Jason Walker - keyboards, vocals.

Concert Tickets

Suggested donation is $10 at the door - no advanced ticket purchase -

Venue Information:

Valley Bible Fellowship Auditorium 4500 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas NV 89102 (showtime 6:00pm doors open at 5:00pm) Directions or more info; please call Petra Productions at 702.371.1796 or email at

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