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Reset Movement Las Vegas Concert

The Reset Movement aims to unite the nation and reignite the spiritual fire for Jesus in all of us. This just may be the Great Awakening of our generation and attending this event may be one of the best decisions of your life. This will aid in rising up many soldiers for Christ and mobilizing them to do the will of good. This will reshape and reform America! There will be several different artists performing at this event.

All are very anointed and talented. The headliner, Rend Collective, is all the way from the region of Northern Ireland and they have a deep passion to serve and worship God. Rend Collective’s songs like “Build Your Kingdom Here” and “Come On (My Soul)” really brings people together and form an environment of worship. They have a very melodic and revolutionary sound, with some folk and Irish elements, they are delightful to listen to no matter what genre you prefer.

Christain Nationwide Reset Movement

It is time to draw this generation and all of God’s people together - across ministries, denominations, music genres, and contexts - to rally around the name of Jesus with passion and purpose.

Let us put feet to our faith. The Reset Movement will mobilize people to join or launch movements of prayer, worship, evangelism, and justice in their communities and around the nation.

Following Jesus is a lifestyle, not an event. The Reset Movement will connect people to resources, role models, and ministry tools that equip them to know God’s Word and integrate a relationship with Jesus into their daily lives.

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