The Light Show Concert

Petra Productions in conjunction with Valley Bible Fellowship presents a fantastic Light Show featuring the sound of rappers Brother Jones, with Deuce and Path on Friday December 7th at 6 pm. Picture a room full of glow sticks resonating off the black and white shirts of everyone creating an exciting atmosphere for the release of Brother Jones new CD!

Christian Rap Music

Brother Jones consisting of christian rappers Doc Jones and IC Jonez pairs together with Deuce and Path to create a fun filled night of Christian praise and worship. This concert is a free event for everyone. Included in your free admission is a free glow stick and a 2500 CD giveaway. Everyone attending gets the newest release of their CD's in this coming out CD release party.

Hip Hop Christian Music

Artists Avery Harden, a young hip hop artist combines his musical talents with Brother Jones and One Round Krump Dance Crew for a fun night of glowing lights, great music and inspirational dance. The mission of the artists are to provide their music as an inspiration for praise and worship and to bring together young people in Christ.

The Light Show

Remember, the glow sticks are FREE, the admission is FREE and the new release CD is FREE! So what are you waiting for? Get ready, and get over to Valley Bible Fellowship on Friday for a great night of music, fun, fellowship and praise - See you there!

Concert Tickets

This is a FREE concert, CD Giveaway!

Concert Venue Information:

Valley Bible Fellowship Auditorium 4500 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas NV 89102 (doors open at 6:00pm) Directions or more info; please call Petra Productions at 702.371.1796 or email at

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