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Reset Movement - A spirit filled movement rallying a generation of young people towards the unified goal of living a life for Jesus.

Nick Hall is a primary speaker of this event; he is very down-to-earth and gets deep into the gospel, while still adding humor. His sermons are very inspirational. Coming from a very popular rock band, Flyleaf, we have the lead-singer Lacey Sturm performing at this event. She has inspired countless teens and adults across the world that have gone through trying times. Her music has very inspirational and uplifting lyrics that draw hearts together anywhere. Also we have Propaganda, a spoken-word artist that is big in the hip-hop scene; Very powerful lyrics and heavy beats. Great and inspiring music with a great message and gospel? What more could you ask for! Well now that you have gotten a gist of many of the artists that will be at the event, you should see now how great of an event this is. It's great for all ages and family friendly, it is located at Valley Bible Fellowship on Sahara and Oakey.

The reset movement continues, for more Info: Reset Movement

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